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Lifespan 寵物壽命

The average lifespan of an indoor cat is 15+ years,  and cats who live up to 20 are not uncommon. 生活於室內的家貓平均壽命可達到15年或以上, 而活到20歲以上的貓仔並不少見。

You should be willing to be responsible for your pet's entire life.

A pet is a LIFETIME commitment.

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Please consider the following thoroughly before you start the adoption process.  

Time Commitment


People tend to misunderstand cats which they are always labeled solitary and independent. In fact, cats require much more attention than the average person may expect.  人類總是容易對貓產生誤解,覺得貓有種孤傲獨立。 事實上,貓所需要的關注比一般人預期的更多。 

Cats require grooming, attention and affection --- just like dogs.   If you decide to bring a cat into your home, you should be prepared to spend at least 20 - 30 minutes a day interacting with your cat.  貓也像狗一樣,  同樣需要理毛清潔、  關注及愛。 如果您決定將貓帶進您的家庭,您應該準備好每天至少花 20 到 30 分鐘與貓互動。

- Good quality food supplies which can 

   answer your pet's nutritional needs 
   為寵物提供優質的食物, 滿足牠們的營養需求

- Health care for medications, vaccinations,

   and illness/injury treatment 
藥物、疫苗接種和疾病 / 傷患治療  

- Plan routine checkups to maintain good

   health  進行例行檢查以確保寵物的身體健康

- Love, Love and Love 大量的愛


Taking good care of a pet can be an expensive proposition, please make sure you are willing to responsible for your pet's entire life and be prepared for longterm expenses and providing all sorts of resources. 照顧好寵物可以是一項十分高昂的提案, 因此請確保您願意為寵物的生命負責,並準備好將會有長期支出及提供各種資源給您的寵物。